Event for user

selected cell info
event description
cellClick when cell click, occur
cellDoubleClick when cell double click, occur
cellEditEnd after edit, occur at focus out
keydown occur at keydown event
keyup occur at keyup event
    e.wdtEvent.grid : grid name
    e.wdtEvent.id : column id
    e.wdtEvent.name : column name
    e.wdtEvent.row : row data
    e.wdtEvent.rowIndex : row index of row
    e.wdtEvent.colIndex : column index of row
    e.wdtEvent.editData : data being entered
    e.wdtEvent.data :  data before input
    e.wdtEvent.displayData : actual data showing
    wdtGrid.bind('cellClick', function(e) {
        document.querySelector('#text1').value = e.wdtEvent.id;
    wdtGrid.bind('keydown', function(e) {
        if (e.keyCode == 13) {
            document.querySelector('#text1').value = 'enter';
            var row = wdtGrid.getSelectedRowList('grid1');
            console.log('row', row);
        document.querySelector('#text1').value = 'tab';
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