Grid Option
    * Grid Option

        selectMode : Select mode (cell, row).
        selectOne  : Select only one cell.
        colSort    : Column sorting allow.
        colResize  : Column sorting not allow.
        rowMode    : Add row, update row staus display.
        checkbox   : Check box For select row.
        addRow     : Allow add row, not allow add row by keyin.
        delRow     : Allow remove row, not allow remove row by keyin.
    * Usage
        var option = { colSort : true }; //set option json
        wdtGrid.create(option); //create grid
        wdtGrid.setOption(option); //you can add, update grid option after creating grid
Option Default value Description
selectMode cell grid select mode - 'cell' : cell unit select, 'row' : row unit select
selectOne true true : allow to select only one cell, false : allow to select multiple selec cell
columnSort false true : allow column sorting, true : not allow column sorting
columnResize true true : allow column resizing, false : not allow column resizing
rowMode false option to show add, update status - true : can see, false : not can see
checkbox false checkbox option for select rows
addRow false add row by keyin. true : allow to add row, false : not allow to add row
delRow false remove row by keyin. true : allow to remove row, false : not allow to remove row
    var option = { selectMode : 'cell', selectOne : true, colSort : true, colResize : true, rowMode : true, checkbox : true };

    grid1.create(column, option);
    grid1.setData(data); //set option at the same time than grid is creating

    grid1.setOption(option) //set option after creating grid
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